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Wedding Makeup Dos and Don’ts

You want to look perfect on your wedding day. Having a professional makeup artist apply your makeup on your special day should feel like pampering and not add stress. Here are some useful Dos and Don’ts to ensure you look your best.

1. Don’t exfoliate your face the day of your wedding. You should exfoliate the night before. This will give your skin time to rejuvenate and leave a good foundation for your makeup. *Tip: just use an organic gentle water based cleanser in the morning with cold water.

2. Do set your face with a good powder that has non-reflective particles that could lighten your face with a camera flash. Getting shiny during your wedding is not good. You may be dancing or your ceremony may be held outside and let’s not mention the countless photos. Getting sweaty is a high probability and a great mattifying non hi-def powder is perfect.

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3. Do hire one make-up artist per 4 clients. It can get tedious or exhausting for one makeup artist to do multiple faces. By the time it’s the bride’s turn, your makeup might get rushed and not look as good as the bridesmaid who go her makeup done first! Also, bet prepared to be incredibly patient. If you have a lot people getting makeup done and opt for two artists, you could cut the primp time in half and decrease your stress level.

4. Don’t go for a trendy look. Everyone on Instagram and YouTube are going for that ultra chiseled, exaggerated features, cotton candy colors. These are looks are fun but they may not be as fun to see in 5 years when you are looking through your wedding album. Don’t get me wrong, these looks are amazing, beautiful, creative, and if that is your aesthetic, then go for it!

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5. Do select makeup that is appropriate for the location, the season, weather, time of day, theme, outdoor/indoor. Opting for waterproof eye makeup during the summer months will keep away the unintended raccoon look. If your wedding is during the winter months opt for more moisturizing foundations as skin tends to be drier. If your wedding is 1920’s themed, go for a makeup look that is inspired by that era. Be aware that some churches or other religious venues may frown upon “unique” looks like deep red lips or mega lashes so be mindful of that.

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6. Do bring pictures that show how you would like your makeup done. It can be difficult to describe a look your makeup artist if you don’t know the correct terminology. Pinterest is absolutely amazing for gathering ideas, tips, looks, styles. Take advantage. Or maybe you recently had your makeup done at Sephora and you want that exact look – take a picture and bring it with you. *Tip: Do be aware of what your bridesmaids tell the makeup artist to do for their look. Keep the makeup cohesive or have everyone be unique and have an individual look. Avoid having all the girls with a neutral look and one girl looking as if she is going to a nightclub.

7. Don’t try anything new the day of or the night before. Be mindful if you have sensitive skin or are prone to chemical reactions. Tanning that could cause you to look orange or patch – Face mask that could cause breakouts- Chemical peel that could cause extreme redness – Facial/lip plumper that could cause blistering. It’s completely okay to practice your wedding day routine, makeup styles/brands, tan sprays, etc. to see what works, but do it in the weeks leading up to your wedding day. *Tip: Use your bachelorette party as a test run.

8. Do try out looks that will be accurate representation of how you will look on your wedding day. If you plan on wearing glasses or colored contacts, dying or cutting your hair, getting injections, go in for a deep tan, or get any major transformations, these can greatly affect what makeup look will work. Long lashes won’t work with your glasses, your new blue eyes won’t look good with your favorite purple eyeshadow, and your light colored foundation and concealer won’t match your lovely new faux beach tan.

9. Do make sure that the lighting where you will be getting your makeup done is similar to that of your wedding. Be mindful of natural lighting, fluorescent lights, yellow walls, LED lights, outdoor with natural lighting, harsh lighting or indoor with yellow tones. If it’s at night or daytime. You may otherwise end up with an extreme bronzer look or be totally washed out. *Tip: visit your venue near the time of your wedding and where you will be getting your makeup done.

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10. Do bring your own makeup. Not all makeup artists carry every brand under the sun. They may not carry your unique shades or the brands you like or if you’re vegan, Good Luck!. *Tip: bring (lip balm , lashes, 2 foundation colors, tweezers, razor)

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11. Do have a designated makeup bag or person who will carry your makeup or tell you when you need to reapply. Unless your wedding dress has pockets, it’s best not to hold lipstick in your bra. It could open and ruin your dress!

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12. Do ensure that your makeup artist has good reviews or was recommended to you by someone you trust. Do pick a pro. We all have a friend who can do their makeup really well but that doesn’t mean that they can do makeup on another person let alone have the patience to do 4 plus faces or 4 plus different skin tones and bone structure.

13. Don’t wait until the last minute to book a makeup artist or you may be doing the makeup yourself. Weddings happen almost every day and there are only so many professional makeup artists in the world, let alone your city. *Tip: book one or two makeup artists at least 4-6 months in advance.

14. Do Keep a timeline. It’s important that you keep to a schedule on your wedding day. Be mindful of when pictures are being taken or when the ceremony begins. It does take awhile to do makeup and to do it well. Multiply that by how many in your party will be getting their makeup done.

15. Do take advantage of a consultation with your makeup artist. You will be able to apply tips 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9. That will really ease your mind. Sometimes they will even offer a makeup trial. That’s pretty amazing!

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