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Use Your Cricut to Make Your Own Back to School Earrings


These earrings will definitely make a statement on the first day of school. They are also a great gift for your favorite teacher or principal. And with your Cricut Explore Air or Cricut Maker doing the precision work, they are easy to put together.


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We sell everything you need to make our apple earrings without having to leave your house for only $2.50. You could spend $40.00 on materials that you may or may not ever use again or you can just buy what you need.

Make It!

The first step is to cut the pieces you need with your Cricut. You will cut 1 set of the background apple with leaves in the faux leather and 2 sets each of the apples (in red) and the leaves (in green).

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Weed out the material around your image and cut the images so they are separate.

Place the red glitter apple and the green glitter leaf on top of the leather, completely covering the leather. You may have to trim the clear film so you can fit the images together.

You should have the film side up. Cover with parchment paper and press your iron down for 30 seconds.

Your iron should be set on high with no steam. Peal off the clear film. Repeat the process on the back side of the apple.

Carefully poke a hole through the apples to insert your jump rings.

Open the seam of the jump ring with your pliers and slide through the hole you just made.

Slide the fish hook earring onto the jump ring and squeeze the jump ring closed with your pliers.

Repeat on the other earring. Now you have the perfect accessory on the first day of school.

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