Second Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

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Our Second Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box is the perfect gift for the expectant Mom. The goodies in the gift box have been carefully curated for the second trimester pregnancy experience. Gifts include a wooden sonogram photo frame, an eye mask to get your sleep, Earth Mama Belly Butter, 4 Earth Mama Peaceful Mama tea bags and featuring Jennifer Johnstone Lopez's "Why I Cried - Tales from Hysterical Pregnant Women." Chockfull of short, laugh-out-loud stories from fun and relatable mamas during the most hormonal and downright confusing 9 months of their lives.

We also have a lot of options so you can customize your gift to suit the soon to be mom.

You can add a full box of Earth Mama Peaceful Mama Tea - $5.50
You can add Months 4-6 of our Pregnancy Monthly Journal Cards. They are both pretty and provide practical information for each month of your pregnancy. Printed on 5X7 cardstock, you can hang the current monthly card on your mirror or refrigerator. There is also a space to write down you feelings and when the month is over, you can add it to your pregnancy scrapbook or keepsake box. $3.00
Add a home spa kit to pamper the new mom with face, hand, cuticle and foot wraps for $10.00
Add our "My New Name is Mommy" socks for $7.50
Don't forget your gift note. We transfer your note to a gift card in an envelope free of charge.
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