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Marquee Lights


If you bought marquee letters with non removable led lights and want to paint them, keep reading. 

I purchased marquee letters at Michaels like the one pictured. 

You’ll notice that the LED lights stick out of the letter which worried me because I wanted to spray paint the letters. 

My first solution was to use painters tape. So I wrapped the tape around each LED light including the base. But I I would be left with a painted letter with the base of the light left white!

So I needed to find something to just cover LED light itself. The painter’s tape did not work very well for this. It was really difficult to evenly wrap and cover each light. Sometimes just the amount of force from the spray would lift the tape up or blow it away. So I decided to use the Round Crystal Gem Stickers by Creatology. (I bought mine at Michaels for $2.00). My sticker pack came with different sizes. The biggest ones worked great. Nothing blew off and the paint didn’t seep through.

I wanted to an ombre rustic effect so I used three different spray paint colors. I first sprayed all the letters front and back using the Champagne color (lightest) then toward the outer edges and about 3/4″ inward I used the copper (medium) and then just picking 2 or 3 edges and/or corners per letter I used the rose gold (darkest).

I thought the letters looked neat with the jeweled stickers on each light. I debated leaving them on there. It gave the light a nice soft glow. Totally optional. In the end, I decided to remove the jewel stickers.

The letters came out great. 

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