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Make Your Own Sparkly Wedding Shoes

I wanted to add some oomph to my wedding shoes. Some bling and sparkle but I didn’t want to pay the designer price for shoes I probably would only west once. So I figured out how to do it myself. With these easy steps, adding some sparkle to your shoes is easy.

You just need your favorite pair of shoes, bling stickers, scissors and E6000 glue (optional).

Place your gem stickers vertically along the heel of the shoe. As the heel begins to curve, you will need to cut out a few gems at a tine to fill in the curved areas.

Sparkles Make It Special

You can use the E6000 glue to secure the rhinestones/gems in place. However, the natural stickiness of the stickers works great which is exactly what I did because I did not want to leave my shoes permanently sparkly.

Now your gorgeous shoes are ready for your wedding or any party..

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