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Make Your Own Disney Cruise Magnets


I was headed off to a Disney cruise and this year I wanted to have magnets to decorate my stateroom door. I felt left out last time when I saw the doors of the experienced Disney cruisers. This was such an easy and inexpensive project. It’s ideal for the whole family to get involved in choosing their graphics and making their own magnets.


All you need is:

-A black and white or color printer (depending on your graphic).
-Self adhesive laminating sheets (I bought the 9″x12″ Avery Brand that came in 50 sheets).
-magnets (Any will work, but I used the tape style and the little round magnets).


Find a favorite graphic design or picture no larger than 9″×12″. You most definitely can laminate more than one graphic design or photo at a time. Just ensure that they’re confined between 9″x12″ or whatever size your self adhesive sheets come in. - It's a way of life!

You can either precut your photo(s) before you place them in the self laminating sheets. This way you may be able to place more photos and use less sheets. Or cut after the adhesive step.

To use the laminating adhesive sheets place the clear non sticky side face down and Avery label side face up (the sticky side). You will need to remove the cover that reads “peel off here”. Arrange your photos and graphics on the sticky side. The paper is really sticky so be careful when placing your photo(s). I like to arrange my photos before hand and take a picture for reference so I know how I want to arrange them on the adhesive sheet.

Once your photo(s) are set in place, grab another adhesive sheet and remove the cover that reads “peel off here”. This time you will have the the Avery label side face down (the sticky side) and clear non sticky side face up. (The photo below is only for reference. Peel the “Avery” paper off first).

Slowly sandwich your graphic between the two adhesive sheets. There is no room for error. There’s no chance of a redo so take your time.

Now you’re ready to cut around your photo(s). It’s optional to leave a boarder. 

Flip your photo(s) upside down and stick your magnets on. You can mix and match your magnets but be mindful of the thickness.

The magnets I used were great because the photos did not stick out from the stateroom door.

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