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How to Make a Hanging Ceiling Backdrop


We rented a very pretty venue for the wedding reception, but like most venues, the colors were neutral so we tried to figure out ways to add color and texture to the space. One way to do this is to do a ceiling display. You have probably seen where people hang balloons and decorations from the ceiling over the dance floor or the head table. We wanted to do something like that, but the issue was the venue was going to charge us for the labor to hang each of the decorations from the ceiling and we wanted a lot. So we needed a cost effective solution. What we came up with was surprisingly easy and cost friendly.

Ceiling Display



Roll out your netting on the floor. You can keep it in one piece, but 15 feet of material is hard to store and transport. We found it was easier to cut it into three 5 foot sections.

Start tying your fans, balls and puffs onto the mesh using the fishing line. Vary the length of the fishing line so each thing is at different levels. Once you think your section is completed, you may want two friends to turn it over hold it up so you can see what it will look like on the ceiling. Fill in any gaps until you are happy. Repeat for each section.

We used ribbon to tie our decorations to the mesh.

This also makes a great photo backdrop or wall display. If you want to hang it vertically, tie everything tight to the netting instead of at varying lengths..

You can make this any size you want by adding sections. We only used 3 sections and we thought it fit perfectly over our dance floor.

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Storage Before the Wedding

The panels are large but pretty light. we were able to hang them on the wall with two small nails for each panel. I am sure Command Hooks would have been a great option to avoid putting holes in the wall.

Note that when you hang it vertically, there looks like you have a lot of empty space. That is because the decorations were hung at differing lengths.

Hanging On the Ceiling

Once you get to your venue, attach 3-4 sections together using your fishing line to tie them together.

If you have a drop tile ceiling, you can simply tie your mesh to the metal braces between the ceiling tiles leaving some slack so it hangs away from the ceiling.

For any other ceiling, you will have to attach it with hooks. You will need at least 5 hooks – one on each corner and one in the middle if it is longer or wider than one section.

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