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How To Create A Hanging Lamp From A Candle Holder


You can easily create your own custom hanging light from any wood, acrylic or metal candle holder.


1 – 8″ – 20″ Translucent or cut metal candle holder. The ones made for votive or pillar candles work best.

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1 – Hanging Light Cord

1 – Lightbulb

You will also need a drill, wire cutters and hooks to hang your light from the ceiling.

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Making the Lamp

Take your candle holder and turn upside down. If there is a separate base, you will need to remove it. Using the largest drill bit you have, drill a hole (or multiple holes if you have a smaller drill bit) just large enough to thread the plug end through. You can use the wire cutters to clip out the metal or plastic between the holes you drilled. The metal is sharp so be careful. It is best to do this on a newspaper so you can catch all the metal in one place.

Pull the cord all the way through so that the light socket is inside the candle holder. Screw in your lightbulb.

You can wrap electrical tape around the edges of your hole if you want to make it look nicer, but there is no need. Since it is hanging fro the ceiling, no one can see the top and the inside is covered by the socket and the lightbulb.

Hanging the Lamp

Insert two hooks into your ceiling. One should be positioned where you want you lamp and the other should be as close to the wall as possible. If you are unable to attach your hooks in to the wood frame inside your ceiling, you will need to use drywall anchors.

Drape your cord over the first hook and position your lamp at your preferred height. Leaving a little slack to create a swag, drape the cord over the second hook and plug in.

You can hang two or more of the same or complimentary holder to create an interesting focal point in your room.

You can use this same method with baskets, buckets or any other lamp shaped thing you find.

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