Homemade Natural Face Moisturizer


I am in my thirties, I have oily skin, I have extremely sensitive skin and had severe acne literally since my first day of high school at age 14 (I can’t make this up). I am also frugal and I try to live an organic sustainable life style as best as I can.

I tried many different types of face products throughout my life: organic, inorganic, expensive, inexpensive, etc. Nothing really prevented me from breaking out. I had had it! So one day I really looked at what I was using on my skin. I researched the ingredients that were in all the products that I used on my face. I looked up other face products and I honed in on the key ingredients – the basic natural ingredients that were found in all these products.

I was intrigued by products that had ingredients that I knew of such as vitamin E and ingredients that I knew how to pronounce like coconut oil and ingredients that I could easily get my hands on like jojoba oil.

As you can tell, like to keep things simple so my measurements and ingredients for this homemade moisturizer are super simple. I encourage anyone to modify this recipe to best suit your specific skin type by adding or subtracting any ingredients and or implementing any preferable scents.

I am not affiliated with any of the following products. I use and recommend them because they are a great value, high in quality, Earth friendly and ACTUALLY WORK! Any brand will work fine but be sure to check reviews and ensure that you’re not getting watered down products or low quality products.

For my version you will need:

  1. Leven Rose 100% pure & organic cold pressed unrefined Jojoba oil 4 fl oz. glass bottle
  2. Leven Rose 100% pure & organic cold pressed unrefined Rosehip oil 4 fl oz. glass bottle
  3. Rose Multi- Use Oil with Rose Petals, Peony and Bergamot for scent and enriched with Apricot oil and Sweet Almond oil 4 fl. oz. glass bottle
  4. Gya Labs Vanilla Oleoresin essential oil
  5. A 0.5 fl. oz. glass bottle with dropper
  • Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and reduces redness.
  • Rosehip oil has skin regeneration properties and can reduce scars.
  • Apricot oil reduces wrinkles and fine lines and it’s an antioxidant.
  • Almond oil protects skin from UV damage and retain moisture.
  • Vanilla and rose improve blood circulation and add an amazing scent.

Start by adding 6 drops of jojoba oil (1 drop equals 1/2 dropper of oil).

Next, add 6 drops of rosehip oil (1 drop equals 1/2 dropper of oil)

Then, add 6 – 10 drops (depending how “rose-y” you like your scent) of the Multi-Use oil (1 drop equals 1/2 dropper of oil).

Lastly, add 6-10 drops (depending how “vanilla-y” you like your scent) of the vanilla essential oil.

There you have it. A super simple inexpensive and organic facial moisturizer.

*Tip: I like to apply my moisturizer by using the back on my hand and gently rubbing the product around my face, ears and neck moving in an upward motion – we want to work against gravity. As an added bonus, this allows the product to moisturize my hands too instead of using my fingertips that will then have to be washed – save water and avoid having oily palms and fingers.

*You can also use this product for your hair! Add it to your conditioner or use as a leave in treatment.

*Please test these products on your wrist to ensure that you are not allergic and please discontinue using the homemade moisturizer if your skin has a negative reactions.

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