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Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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It’s official. The test is positive! Now you can use your creativity to tell everyone else. Feel free to be as serious or funny as you want.

Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

If you want something cute and creative, here are some fun ideas to consider:

  • Sibling announcement. If you happen to already have a boy and a girl in your family, you could have them hold a sign saying “Sibling tie-breaker coming on (add your due date).” or your older child can wear a T-shirt or hold a sign that has “only child” crossed out and replaced with “big brother” or “big sister.”
  • Play up the “bump” metaphor. Wear an outfit with “bump” written over your belly while your partner holds a sign that reads “under construction.”
  • Furry messenger. If you’re a pet lover, you could have your pet wear a bandanna, T-shirt, or sign with the message “My parents are getting me a tiny human.”
  • Literal bun in the oven. If you love the classic “bun in the oven” idiom, place an actual bun in the oven and pose in front of it. Share the photo on social media or via email and see who guesses what you mean first.
  • Get creative with famous quotes or lyrics. If you and your partner have a favorite movie, TV show, book, or song, do something creative with a famous quote or lyric, adding your own punny play on words to deliver your message. Create an image of it or record a video of the two of you performing the line and share it with your friends and family
  • Career or hobby themed message. If you and your partner are tech enthusiasts, or you work in IT, you can make personalized T-shirts that say “loading…” to represent your littlest techie who’s busy getting ready to arrive.
  • Box of treats with a message. For sharing your news with coworkers, you could bring in a box of doughnut holes, doughnuts, cupcakes, or muffins with the news written on a tag or spelled out in frosting.
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Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Have double the fun with one of these ideas:

  • Eating for three. Take a picture of yourself holding a bowl that has the words “eating for three” written on the side. This is a great picture for social sharing, too.
  • Copy and paste. Reveal your news with personalized infant T-shirts — one that reads “copy” and another that says “paste.” Or, something like “We wished for one” written on one T-shirt and “But got two” written on the other. The great thing about this idea is that you’ll be able to use these tees after your little ones are born.
  • Everything’s better in pairs. Buy two pairs of baby booties and have a friend take a photo of you and your partner holding the booties, hinting at what’s to come. You can also use this photo on your pregnancy announcement cards or on social media.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Your Parents and Family

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Whether its the first grand baby or the tenth, announcing the news of your pregnancy to your family and the soon-to-be grandparents is a special moment. Here are some ideas for how to make the big reveal:

  • Grandparents choosing their names. Let your dad (or mom) choose what he’d like his grandchild to call him with a box full of “my name is” decals with different options written on them like papa, grandpa, pop pop, etc. This is an especially great idea if you’d like to reveal your news on Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day).
  • Personalized announcement gift. Give the grandparents-to-be a gift of a framed picture of your pregnancy announcement card along with your little one’s sonogram.
  • Send a gift box announcement. A gift box is fun way to tell your parents and siblings that a new baby is on the way.
  • Photo op to remember. While taking a family photo, instead of shouting “cheese,” have you and your partner shout “We’re pregnant.” The best part about this pregnancy announcement idea will be the immediate reaction that is automatically captured on camera.
  • Fortune cookie message. Have a local bakery make fortune cookies and provide them with little strips of papers bearing messages of your news. On take-out night, pass the cookies around to your loved ones.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt. Leave clues around your neighborhood or at a park. Each clue leads to location where they pick up the next clue and a hint that you are expecting. Your hints can be letters or an announcement cut up in puzzle pieces. At the end, they put the letters or puzzle together announcing your pregnancy.
  • Virtual Announcement. Invite your family to a virtual party. Before the party, come up with a phrase like “We are having a baby in December” but send only one word of the phrase to each family member. During the virtual party, have them each hold up their word and wait for someone to figure it out.
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Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Social Media

You can use some of the above ideas for social sharing your pregnancy announcement or try one of these ideas to share your news on social media:

  • How big is my baby? A popular way to announce your pregnancy on social media could be to share a photo taken of you while you hold a fruit or other object in front of your belly, representing the size of your baby.
  • A message board. For something elegant, ask a graphic designer to create an image (or create one yourself) that says something like “We’re having a baby” or “The adventure begins on (fill in the due date)” or “Our family is growing.”
  • Pose as a math equation. Have a wall or backdrop prepped with a giant plus sign, an equal sign, and a 3. Insert yourself and your partner either side of the plus sign and have a friend take the picture. Share the photo on social media; your friends won’t just “like” it — they’ll love it!
  • Announce it at Halloween. If you’d like to share your news around Halloween, get a little crafty with some pumpkin carving, take a photo of a set of pumpkins representing your growing family or a family of ghosts and share.
  • Spread the buzz with coffee cups. Coffee lovers, this one’s for you! Assemble a display of paper coffee cups from your favorite coffee shop. Have two big ones representing you and your partner, and a smaller espresso cup representing your baby. Take a photo and share, along with the hashtag #babyccino.
  • Movie poster message. Movie buffs, why not create a pregnancy announcement movie poster? All you need is a good photo of you and your partner, some editing skills to add the movie title, your and your partner’s names along the top as the starring actors, and the due date to go under the words “coming soon.” Then simply share over your preferred social channels.
  • Show a family-sized shoe line-up. Show the new addition to your family with a photo of a row of shoes including yours, your partner’s, and some tiny booties representing your baby. If you have a cat or dog, you could show your and your partner’s feet in socks, along with your pet’s paws and tiny baby socks.
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Ways to Announce Your Adoption

Maybe your new family member is arriving ready made. Here are some fun ways to announce your impending adoption:

  • Use a Globe. If your baby is coming from another state or country, use a globe in place of a baby bump and use your hands in a heart to highlight where your child was born.
  • Make a fun sign. Take a picture with a sign that says “Waiting for our Missing Piece” with a corner cut out like a puzzle piece. Or you could use a sign that says, “We’re on an Adventure to Find our Baby.”

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