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Easy to Make Paper Daisy Flower Balls Using Your Cricut


These cute paper daisy flower balls are the perfect compliment to your baby shower, bridal shower or wedding. They are super easy and you can pick any colors that match your theme. We made one from a 3″ foam ball, but you can make them as big or small as you want.


  1. Foam Ball – We used 3″, but you can make any size you want
  2. Paper in coordinating colors (2 -8/12 X 11 or 1 – 12X12 of each color)
  3. Long Pearlized Pins


Choose your favorite simple 5 petal flower. We used a simple daisy. You can download the .jpeg file we used here to upload to your Cricut. We also have a pdf file here you are tracing and cutting your flowers without a cutting machine.

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Place your paper on your mat and load into your Cricut and cut 25 flowers in each color.

Remove from mat.

Slightly curl the petal of your top layer flowers. We used a bone folder to do this, but you could also curl the petals around a pencil or chopstick.

Place a top flower on top of a bottom flower offsetting the petals so you can see both flowers. Stick a pin through the center and into the foam ball.

Stick a pin through the center and into the foam ball.

Continue doing this until the ball is covered.

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