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DIY Wedding Bracelet Charms


This simple craft makes great personalized Bridesmaid’s gifts to commemorate your wedding date or a special gift for any occasion.


  1. Mini Jewelry Chain (ensure the links are wide enough for your jump rings and clasps)
  2. Metal Plate (get one large enough for your metal blank/charm)
  3. Stamp Enamel/Ink (optional)
  4. Metal Stamps
  5. At least 3 jump rings
  6. Magnetic or Spring Ring Clasps (optional)
  7. Metal Blank/Charm
  8. Metal Cutters
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Place your metal stamping blank/charm on top of the metal plate. You can tape the metal blank to set it in place. Depending on what you are stamping, you may need to use a tape strip as ruler or as a reference point.

I used metal stamps by Impress Art in Melody.

I suggest using another metal stamp in place of an actual hammer because I found that a real hammer was too strong and would warp the thin metal stamping blank/charm.

Your engraved metal “blank” will look something like this.

Next use an Antique Stamp Enamel Marker or black ink stamp enamel to enhance your design. This step is completely optional.

This is ink and it can get messy. I suggest wearing an apron and having paper towels on hand.

Shake your ink pen or bottle well. Squeeze out the ink to fill in the engraved area. Let the ink dry for 10-30 seconds and then wipe away with a paper towel.

Next, grab a jump ring. Open it at the seam. Then slide the ring through the metal blank opening. You can use the cutters to gently close the opening.

Grab your cutters and your chain link. Cut to desired size however I suggest not cutting to the exact size or your wrist. Leave some wiggle room. Slide your metal “blank” through your chain link or link it with the jump ring.

Below are three different types of clasps: simple jump ring, spring ring and magnetic. Any will work. If you choose the spring ring or magnets then you will need to first secure either end of the chain link with the simple jump rings. Then slide the clasps through. You could bypass using magnets or spring ring and connect the simple jump rings together instead.

If you want to get more creative, you can customize your bracelet by adding additional charms.

I made mine with our wedding date and gave one to each of my bridesmaids to wear at the wedding.

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