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Custom Baby Nursery Artwork With Cricut Joy


Personalizing your baby’s nursery doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. We were going for an elevated Alice in Wonderland theme in Kara’s nursey, but we couldn’t find anything that wasn’t costly nor fit exactly with the theme, so we decided to make our own art piece.

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We started with a painting that we bought on clearance for less than $10, but you could use a blank canvas.

We bought gold Cricut Smart Vinyl and used the transfer tape

and a Cricut Joy that we were waiting for the perfect project to use it for.



We used white acrylic paint and painted over the existing painting so that it was completely covered. It took 2 coats.

This seemed like a perfect project for my new Cricut Joy because we could do a long cut for the words without a mat.

We used Cricut Design Space to write Kara in Wonderland in Elegant Cake font. We found some Alice in Wonderland character silhouettes and uploaded them to design space to create our own .svg file. For detailed instructions of how to do this, click here.

We loaded in the gold vinyl and cut out the letters and characters. (Remember to mirror your work before cutting)



After carefully weeding the letters and artwork, we transferred to the transfer tape and carefully centered the words and characters on the canvas. We applied the vinyl using the transfer tape and created this cute personalized art to hang over the crib (out of Kara’s reach of course)



It turned out perfect.

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