Creating An SVG File in Cricut Design Space


Cricut has hundreds of thousands of images in its library, but sometimes you want to created your own images to use with your Cricut machine – whatever type you have. It is very easy to make your own cut files.

The first thing you need to do is create or find the image you want to use. It needs to be a .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, or .dxf file. You can find images on the internet or create them yourself.

Once your file is created, go to Cricut design space and start a New Project. At the end of the menu on the left edge of your screen, you click on Upload.

On the next screen, select Upload Image.

Browse for your image and click open or drag and drop your image into the box. On the next screen, select your image type. For images that are clearly black and white, you can choose Simple. If there are some details or colors, select Moderately Complex. If there is a lot of detail, colors and/or not much contrast between the image and the background, choose Complex. Our image has some texture in the arrows that makes it blend with the background, so we use Complex. Click Continue at the lower right hand corner.

This is where you select the areas that you want to erase from the image leaving only your actual image behind. You simply click on any white space that you want “cut” off of your image. Make sure you get all the spaces in the letters too. You can check to make sure you erased everything you wanted by clicking the preview button at the bottom of the screen.

When you are done, click Continue. From here you can select to save your image as “Print Then Cut Image” or “Cut Image.” We just want to make a cut image here so just select that box and click Save in lower right hand corner.

Once you save, you can click on your new image and then click Insert Images at the lower right hand corner.

This puts your image into your project where you can size and cut with your Cricut.

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