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20 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Can Avoid

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We want your wedding day to be the most special, memorable day of your life. That is why we’ve made this list so you can avoid these common wedding mistakes.

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Making Plans Without a Budget

Knowing how much you have to spend is the most important step of your wedding planning. Without a budget, you are only setting yourself up for heartache. You risk falling for a gown or location that you cannot afford. Or you might have to cut your guest list in half—or cancel the honeymoon.

Need help setting your budget? Click below to see our tips.

Not Having a Back Up Plan

Anything could happen before your wedding day. Although you can’t plan for every contingency, you should plan for some for some of the more common pitfalls. One of these is rain. Obviously rain will have the most negative impact on an outdoor wedding. Consider placing a refundable deposit on a tent that you can cancel the day before your wedding if it is not needed. Even if your wedding is inside, you can arm your ushers with umbrellas so they can escort your guests to and from their cars. We live in the southwest. Wind is a huge issue here. We also can have temperatures in the high 80’s on one day that can soar into the 100’s or drop to the 60’s the next. Having fans or heaters in reserve could save a wedding.

You should also plan what you would do if a member of your wedding party gets sick or cannot otherwise attend your wedding. Have a backup in mind even if you don’t let your backup know they are a backup unless they are needed.

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Thinking That 10% of Your Guests Will RSVP No

We’ve all heard the stats: 10 percent of the people you invite won’t be able to make it — and up that to 20 percent if it’s a destination wedding. While these numbers are probable, they’re not definite, and you shouldn’t count on them. When putting together your final guest list, you might feel safe hedging your bets by over-inviting, but if more people say “Yes” than can actually fit in the venue, you’re in trouble. Keep your guest list within the venue capacity. Plus, remember that people are more accustomed to traveling for nuptials these days.

Feeling Like You Have to Follow Every Tradition

There are so many wedding traditions that have been passed down through the years, but that doesn’t mean you need to include every single one on your wedding day. Some traditions, such as waiting until the ceremony to see each other or tossing a bouquet to all the single ladies, might not resonate with you and your fiance — and that is perfectly alright! This is your wedding. Only do the things that are important to you.

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Not Consulting with Family and Close Friends Before Setting Your Wedding Date

You should always check with your family and anyone that you absolutely want at your wedding to make sure they do not have a conflict. If your fiance is an accountant, do not set your wedding date in March or April. You do not want to plan your wedding the same week your brother’s baby is due.

Here are more dates to consider when you are picking your wedding date.

Not Taking Your Guests’ Allergies and Food Preferences in Consideration

Don’t forget you’re feeding a large group. Just because you’re on a gluten-free pre-wedding diet does not mean the entire meal should follow suit. Work with your caterer to provide a meal with options for your carnivores and your vegans. And please make sure you let your caterer know if anyone has any life threatening allergies.

Underestimating the Cost of a DIY Wedding

You can definitely save money and create a personal touch with DIY projects, but they aren’t always the cheapest option. When you account for the price of supplies, the time it takes to complete, and the possibility of things not going to plan and having to start over, the costs can add up quickly. If money is the only reason you want to do DIY projects for your wedding, take a little more time to shop around for cheaper alternatives and email vendors for any non-listed discounts. We’re not saying DIY can’t be cheaper, but you shouldn’t assume that every project will cheaper simply because you’ll be making it yourself.

Trying Anything New on Your Skin the Week Before Your Wedding

The final days leading is not the time to try a facial peel or a new spray tan product. This is not the time to find out that you are allergic to some ingredient in a new moisturizer. Unless red and blotchy or orange works with your color scheme, avoid changing your makeup or skin care regime until after the wedding.

Not Investigating Why You Are Getting an Unbelievable Deal

Just like the old adage says, “If it is too good to be true, it probably is.” You may have gotten the most amazing deal on your tropical destination wedding, but why is it such a great deal. Off season is one thing, but hurricane season may not be worth the cost savings. Check the fine print.

Not Planning Around a Guest’s Physical Limitation

If you always planned to have your great-grandfather attend your wedding, please don’t make him climb a hill to get to his seat. Try to be considerate of people with mobility issues. If your venue is not accessible, you can have a golf cart or motorized scooter available so all your guests can feel welcome.

Buying Your Dress First

You found your perfect mermaid white silk wedding gown on sale, but your wedding is outdoors in the woods with a bohemian vibe. Don’t get us wrong, it is your wedding and you should wear whatever you want, but some dresses may not make sense in your venue.

Sending Out Your Save the Dates Too Soon

When you first get engaged, you want everyone you ever met to attend your wedding. If you send out a save the date, you are essentially inviting someone to your wedding. Wait until you know how many guests and have finalized your guest list to avoid any difficult conversations and disappointment.

Not Having a Hair and Makeup Trial

Is your hair going to be up? Down? Somewhere in between? You should make these decisions before the day of the wedding. Even if you start early in the morning on the day of your wedding, there is probably not enough time to start all over to try a different look.

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Changing Your Mind About Something Close to the Wedding Date

Do not fall into the could of, should of trap. Be confident in your decisions and try not to change your mind once you make a choice. You likely did a lot of research beforehand and made the perfect choice for a beautiful wedding. If you want to change your mind, you may have to pay extra for the change. Also, a small change in color or flowers may affect other parts of your wedding.

And do not worry about what some other bride/groom is going to do or already did. This is your wedding and you do not have to keep up with anyone, worry about anyone choosing the same colors or second guessing your choices.

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Not Planning Your Wedding Day Photography

Be sure to talk to your photographer about what photos you would like to get so they can plan ahead. You will need to carefully plan for daytime shots if your ceremony starts at 6:00 and you do not want your partner to see you before the ceremony.

Buying a Smaller Dress As Inspiration to Lose Weight

Making a commitment to eat right and exercise is great, whether you’re planning your wedding or not. On the other hand, crash-dieting and working out nonstop is a course likely to end in disaster—and an ill-fitting gown.

Instead of losing more sleep than weight, find a gown you love and order it in your current size. If you want to work on your body during your engagement, that’s great—just be sure to make your goals manageable (toning up but not dropping 20 pounds, for instance). You’re more likely to stick with a routine that doesn’t require superhuman willpower.

If you do drop some weight, this slow-and-steady approach will help you big time. You’ll want to lose those extra pounds before your second fitting. Any big changes after that, and though you might be lighter, your alterations bill will be pretty hefty. Your final fitting should be for last-minute tweaks, not a total overhaul.

Trying To Do It All Yourself

Thinking that you can do everything yourself is a major ingredient in a recipe for disaster. It may be possible, but then you’d end up totally burned out by the time the wedding day comes. Don’t try to take on everything yourself—ask for help when you need it.

If you are lucky enough to have people offering to help, let them. Delegate and work with them, but remember they are helping you, not working for you .

And never forget that a wedding is between two people! Don’t exclude your soon to be spouse from the planning. Shop around for vendors, choose cake flavors and make the music list together.

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Picking Flowers Out of Season

You may book your florist a year in advanced, but that does not mean that you will get the flowers that you want for our wedding. Flower costs can vary based on what is available and in season. If you want peonies in October, they are going to cost significantly more than peonies in May. You should change your thinking to colors and shapes rather than specific varieties. That way your florist can find a substitute in season at in season prices.

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Hiring a Friend Instead of a Pro

Your friend from college could have amazing playlists, but it takes more than a playlist to make a great wedding DJ. The same goes with your friend who may have an Instagram full of amazing photos, but that is no indication that she will be good at wedding photography. Its not worth the risk. You may save money, but is it worth potentially ruining the most important day in your life? Even on a tight budget, try to hire professionals and invite your friends to be your guests.

Not Enjoying Your Wedding Day

Instead of stressing about the minute details of the wedding reception, think back to the main reason that this is even happening in the first place, and that is to get married to the one you love.

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